Water Technology Trend 2020


What do you think will be the mainstream of water technology in 2020? Well, the 2020 insights trend will be supported by change managers who will guide digital strategies to discover new strategies in the water sector. The water technology sector provides top-quality water. This allows it to maintain as little pressure on the environment as possible. Advanced Dutch knowledge and technology are applied and sold around the world to produce high-quality drinking and industrial water. This also applies to our knowledge and technology for wastewater treatment and reuse. The international market for water technology is much larger.

For all components of the water technology sector, there are four innovation themes have been created: Water for All, More Crop per Drop, Water and Energy Water & IT.
Since everyone knows that water is the most valuable resource of our lives, it is rare in the world to make it a problem for everyone.
So to solve that problem the water technology trend 2020 trend has been introduced to the world which has implications and potential.
Many water technologists predict that 2020 will create a new history in the water sector through digital isolation, decentralization, and innovative collection.

Digital disillusionment

The disillusionment phase is an important re-calibration of our sector’s expectations over what and how new technologies can support business operations. Hopefully, this trend of 2020 will be supported by change managers who will guide the water departments of digital technology.

Continuing the process of illuminating the water sector by leading it to the plateau of productivity that reduces business costs and increases efficiency in achieving our goal of universal access to safe water and sanitation.

Decentralized water supply

It refers to the small-scale purification and distribution of water. The choice of decentralized supply system depends on the local context and includes such factors as ease of use, maintenance needs, dependence on other utilities (e.g. electricity, fuel supply), and cost.

Innovative procurement for complex solutions

The industry has made enough progress in 2019 which gives a great opportunity in 2020 to follow the three trends-

1. Internet of things (IoT) at scale.
2. Partnership agreement.
3. Procurement routes.

Innovative technologies convert wastewater into fertilizer and fish feed. And, Hydroloop is an innovative home waste treatment plant. The innovative desalination technology Inspired by sea skaters.
Life Celsius: Optimization of wastewater treatment through biological processes. Which is renewable energy directly from seawater.

The share of digital solutions and technology in the water industry is on the rise. They are trying to follow four agenda like-

1. Because of global warming water scarcity figures will keep getting worse.
2. Anything that saves money is popular.
3. Digitization of all the water industry by covering a broad range of water-related topics such as water detection and measuring, water quality and efficiency, leakage detection, and even cyber security.
4. Searching for ideas in unpopular places. According to the general rule champions in innovation belongs to big nations or large companies but this time we have to find out innovative ideas from every small country’s company around the world.

Water and the shortage of it is the very great idea behind the water technology trend 2020. We stand for a great future ahead of us so let’s make every single day count.


2020 is a new era of the progress we can expect to make our water more reliable and useful by participating together in the largest companies. In the water of our lives, demand will never decrease. So we have to solve all the problems that we faced. If we stand together, nothing is impossible!


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