Top 6 sleep technological gadgets


Who doesn’t love to sleep soundly? If someone has trouble sleeping, then the next day is also quite impossible for him to spend well. Nowadays, smart technology is getting so smarter, it gives us a decent life now and some of it has entered the bedroom, where data collection devices are working to improve the sleep experience. Also, we love gadgets and technology can actually help to sleep well.

There are plenty of popular sleeping gadgets in the market. It improves almost every aspect of our lives and helps us get a good night’s sleep. After researching many gadgets, we have chosen six those can work to improve sleep quality.

  1. Sleep with dodow

If you often lie in bed looking at the ceiling and many try to sleep, but can’t sleep at all, Dodo promises to get your sleep back on track by encouraging deep breathing techniques. This wireless intelligent device sits on a table next to your bed and with the tape of your fingers, it projects a gentle beam of blue light that contracts and stretches for eight minutes.

The idea is that you breathe in rhythm with the light: inhaling on the expansion; exhaling on the contraction. Dodow claims that this process is gradually slowing your breathing to six breaths per minute and putting you in a relaxed state and help you to sleep deeply.

  1. The smart illumy sleep mask

Astronauts also need relaxation. This illumy sleep mask is so comfortable and lightweight. To help scientists who climb the ISS in the absence of day and night maintain a regular sleep cycle, NASA uses red and blue lights to tell when the body is on and off. This eye cover mask takes on the idea further, beaming red pulses at you when you’re trying to sleep and blue ones in the morning.

Of course, it can be used for those who have to sleep outside for the day and work at night.

  1. Barisieur tea and coffee brewing alarm clock

Alarms rarely give pleasure but sometimes it is better to have a great alarm clock to wake you up. And, if that clock can make you tea and coffee, it’s even better. The Barisieur tea and coffee brewing alarm clock can store a week’s worth of tea and coffee and keeps the milk cool and fresh.

  1. Sleepace Sleep Dot

Usually, tracking your sleep involves wearing a smartwatch or strapping a sensor around your mattress. But it’s not comfortable for everyone. There may be a simple solution with the Sleep Dot, which you simply slot into your pillowcase to track your sleep cyclic process, body movement, and also wake you up in the morning with sweet soothing sounds and music.

  1. Calm meditation app Sleep Stories

If you’re looking for sleep stories and music, then Clam is a great app. In the days of childhood, everyone liked to hear stories from grandpa while sleeping. Calm is a meditation app and has developed Sleep Stories to help you unwind from the day you’ve just had with relaxing stories and calming tales read by some of the most soothing male or female voices out there.

You will hear more than 100 different stories here, none of which you’ll reach the end of if the app does what it says.

  1. Good Night Stop Snoring Ring

The Good Night Stop Snoring Ring is exactly what you’re imagining, stops snoring. The clinically-proven snore ring has two ‘triggers’, these put light pressure on two acupressure points located on everyone’s little finger, so the wearer’s airways are cleared to help you and your partner get a restful night without snoring.

Overall, there is plenty of sleep tech to help you get a better night’s rest. But you should choose the best.


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