How Utilities Can Build the Efficiency and Reliability of Tasks with Smart Water Solutions?


What should we expect from the Smart Water Solutions?

Water utilities are at the forefront of climate change, as each of these effect derived from it is more intense and frequent rainfall, sea level rises, or drought that directly affect utilities’ operations. Presently more than ever, water utilities are being asked to do more with less. Efficiency, flexibility, reliability and accuracy remain paramount to ensuring the longevity of a system and delivering overall cost savings. The smart water network solution combines the power of sensus’ advanced software, metering technology and proven service. Now water utilities can account for every drop and turn water into revenue through our improved leak detection and unparalleled data acquisition.

Smart water network solutions

The water industry is creating the significant changes, driven by an urgent need to tackle complex challenges including water scarcity, overly stressed infrastructure and the impact of extreme weather events. Amid growing pressure to do more with less, utilities are expected to invest $14 billion in smart water technologies through 2024 as water managers continue to seize the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and mitigate unnecessary water losses and optimize advanced asset management.

As a major aspect of its efforts to accelerate the water sector’s migration to smart framework, international water technology company, Xylem has published a white paper to educate and guide water managers in the transition to smarter water technologies. In the white paper outlines the current state of the smart water industry in Europe and the future of smart water technologies and applications. The publication also provides detail of Xylem’s end-to-end smart water platform. Case studies from London, Milan, the Netherlands and Singapore illustrate how smart water solutions – even the gradual adoption of these solutions – can significantly improve the productivity of operations and help utilities address the issue of water affordability.

The President and CEO of Xylem named Patrick Decker said, “From rising non-revenue water rates and energy expenses to the increasing issue of affordability of maintaining and expanding water infrastructure to the prevalence of emerging contaminants, the challenges facing water managers are significant and mounting. Smart water solutions using smarter equipment and data analytics hold the potential to address these challenges and fundamentally shift the economics of water management.”

“They look forward to partnering with our utility customers as we strengthen our collective ability to achieve smarter, sustainable water management. Unlocking these data-driven solutions on a macro scale will enable water and waste water managers to better meet the needs of their growing customer base.”

There are many value levers from smart solutions, followings:

  • Safety: Increased safety and control throughout water and wastewater operations.

  • Operational Cost: Reducing the energy and maintenance expenditure in the distribution network.

  • Resilience: Identify, predict and prevent failures and downtime in critical equipment.

  • Flexibility: Increased flexibility to handle different situations with existing infrastructure.

Xylem was recognized this year as Water Technology Company at the Global Water Awards, singled out for its “unparalleled vision to offer end-to-end solutions for the digital utility of the 21st century.”

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