Smart Technology Used in Water Solutions

Smart Technology Used in Water Solutions

Smart technologies are revolutionizing the water utility industry. Today competition is increasing day by day all over the world. Companies across all sectors are looking for less conventional tools to bring further benefits. Among them Membracon is trying to expand its technology offerings, capabilities and partnerships to continue providing cutting-edge technologies in water treatment.

Current Technology Used in Water Treatment

Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology exists to give more convenient forms of water purification. Membracon offers smart technology that includes:
Recycling Of Wastewater
Effluent Treatment Systems
• Repurposing Of Effluent Sludge Into Fertiliser
• Fine Liquid And Gas Separation

Why Smart Technology?

Smart originally comes from the acronym “self-monitoring and analysis of the technology”. Smart technology can change wastewater systems into instrumented and interconnected. Today, life is made easier at home through smart technology, society expects the same level of intelligence on machinery in the workplace.

The Benefits of Using Smart Technology in Water Solutions

Smart technology can make water treatment much more efficient. A few examples of smart technology in software applications are below:

PLC Plug and Play

The PLC Plug and Play is software that can be integrated to allow a seamless and near-autonomous production process to continue.
The Plug and Play feature Wi-Fi compatible software, allowing control and oversight of various variables to be seen from a tablet such as an iPad.

Smart Platform

Membracon has a technology platform that allows for capturing and publishing a versatile range of data, from audio, video and images to documents and other types of written files. The data is uploaded onto a cloud-based platform where it is time-stamped and with the option to add feedback to the content.

This builds Membracon’s technology platform perfect for evaluative purposes in production, manufacturing and servicing a range of water systems.



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