Smart Technology- IoT and Mobile Apps


Internet of Things (IoT) is the transcendence of technology and the internet in connecting to send and receive information. With the help of IoT and mobile apps, governments and citizens can communicate with each other instantly.

The pillars of smart cities contain:

  • Governance
  • Living
  • Economy
  • People
  • Environment
  • Transportation

IoT network runs on low power. So, IoT encourages the development of low-power and low-cost units with compact and easy-to-control wireless capabilities. Today technology is controlling all systems through ‘smart apps’ and IoT is playing an important role. In the mobile apps sector, the market is also booming. Nowadays different kinds of app have improved our quality of lives, Apperoni is one of them. Every app is different. In the Apperoni mobile application, the user can book an appointment without any hesitation and also saves time.

This app makes complex things easy for users. Apperoni is a very good plan for a mobile application business world. Nowadays the time schedule is very much important for the users. So, it’s important to keep these kinds of app with us which can easily prevent us from wasting time.

Apperoni        Apperoni App

Finding and Installing Mobile Apps

The three major players of 2019 in the mobile apps space are:

  • Google Play: for Android devices
  • Apple’s App Store: for iPads and iPhones

Apperoni is available in Android PlayStore and iOS AppStore.


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