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Can technology contribute for a more sustainable world? How can it be done? Today, our invitee is Pedro Silva from Setup Tech, a software development company. He’ll answer some questions about the role of technology in sustainability.

Angela: What is the link between technology and sustainability?

Pedro Silva, Setup Tech: Environmental sustainability is in the world’s agenda. We cannot, in a way, continue to live as we’ve been doing lately. In recent years, we have a lot of inefficiencies in society that are contributing to a lack of environmental sustainability.

We are, as a whole, destroying more than the world can take. The problem is that we have been doing it for so long, that now we have to take care of it, urgently. Technology can be a solution that helps to solve this big problem.

Are you talking about smart cities?

Well smart cities, for me, are one important part, but not the whole. That is, smart cities are really instrumental in reducing the ecological footprint, since they would reduce carbon emissions, for instance.

However there’s much more than just smart cities. Technology can help by educating people in reducing their non environmentally friendly  behaviors. And possibilities are endless: programs that create awareness to this theme; apps that help you calculate your environmental impact; tips on how to change behaviors; apps that help you modify your behavior, becoming healthier, but also in a more sustainable way.

Pedro Silva, how does your company, Setup Tech, uses technology to contribute for a more sustainable world?

There are several examples that show how important can software companies be in order to reduce the ecological footprint and making things smarter. We’ve made a game, that promotes a healthy lifestyle, which contributes to more sustainability. We also developed systems that allow industrial companies to optimize their production, using less water to do dye. We have developed an app for a festival, which helped to reduce the number of leaflets, and thus, making it more sustainable. Brands are, without a doubt, caring more about these topics, but clients also do. And software development and awareness are great to help to make the world a better place.

Profile: Pedro Silva, owner and project manager of Setup Tech. Believes that technology helps to shape the world.

We would like to thank Pedro Silva, from Setup Tech, for this amazing opportunity. Keep tuned for more information, and for new articles and interviews about technology and sustainable living.




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