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It is true that human can achieve many things by working together. If they work together, they can make this planet a paradise for themselves and future generations. Nowadays many things seem to be having a negative impact like as, the wildlife, the oceans, and the atmosphere and so on. The impacts of climate change are affecting every country all over the world. So, we need to save this planet from all aspects.

Now several companies are coming forward to make this planet sustainable and Amazonians Green Coin is one of them. It is a very big project and their purpose is to drive economic, social and environmental values to fight against climate change, poverty and deforestation for the benefit of mankind using AMACOIN.

What is AMACOIN?

The Amazonians Green Coin (AMACOIN) is a new cryptocurrency. It acts as a viable new blockchain-based cryptocurrency to support the conservation of biodiversity through sustainable initiatives.

AMACOIN is a payment token with sustainability inside. Contributing to AMACOINS, it means to contribute your present and future life. The benefit of AMA coins following:

  • No experience needed and easy to use
  • With immediate liquidity in your wallet
  • With a real plan growth
  • Completely decentralized


The mission

A community called EBCF, they feel that the private sector and individuals need to be part of the solution against deforestation, poverty and global warming. Their mission is to concentrate on reducing the resources used, the waste and leakage created, conserving resources and reducing environmental pollution. The social dimension of sustainability is extremely important. They put emphasis and focus on Individuals and Corporates to be part of this new green economy and sustainable world, which fits into the purpose of AMACOIN.

Amazon Rainforest

AMACOIN can help millions of people in Brazil and also the Rainforest. We all know about the Amazon Rainforest which is called “the lungs of the world”. Because more than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Rainforest. Rainforests are one of Earth’s oldest continuous ecosystems. So, it is very important to protect the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazonians Green Coin was launched to become a unique and innovative payment tool for environmental services. It will encourage the creation and management of new sustainable conservation units and support other forest owners to protect their areas untouched for the benefit of humanity. Learn more- https://amazoniansgreencoin.com/

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