Latest Android Games in 2020


Nowadays Android games become so popular and booming day by day. Almost everyone from kids to adults is addicted to games and every month it is getting bigger and more excellent and there is a permanent slew of new appellation incoming Google Play and Apple store. Many people around the world are now stuck at home because of the Coronavirus. So, mobile games can also help us maintain good mental health. Every month, many latest games launch on mobile for the young generation to compete with other games.

There are so many android games launch in 2020 such as-

  1. The game of life 2
  2. Hatsune Miku-Tap wonder
  3. Professor Layton: unwound future in HD
  4. One-punch man: Road to hero 2.0
  5. Outsider: Afterlife

The game of life 2

 This game Price is $3.99 including in-app purchases. It is a mobile game result of the first-rate club game. The description of the game characters upgraded and modernized choices from the real along with whatever extra game freak components. Among some of the games, other characteristics involve an online multiplayer, an individual player mode, and a gate-and-play topical multiplayer mode. This game drives for $3.99 without advertising. One can sign up for the volitional time pass, but it’s elective. At one time you purchase the game; you get access to the full game.

Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder

This game is priceless. One can play the game at no cost. It is a slothful tap game structuring Japan’s most exoteric vocalic. At its core, it’s exactly a grade inert tapper. When you start the game, tap a tuft, and conduct the incomes to acquire different upgrades. It shows the sound of Hatsune Miku so it’s a modest light game for those who are fond of her music. Players can moreover dress up like Hatsune Miku, reveal different clinch roles, and plan the theatre area to your choice. It doesn’t freak the maximum hits and it’s not the rhythm game we all expected for, but it’s a pleasure for little time waster another way.

Professor Layton: Unwound Future in HD

It needs $13.99 to purchase. It is the new mobile city from the Professor Layton sequences. It attaches four or five other games from the sequences on mobile. Professor Layton’s authority is a sequence of secret campaign games. In that one, Layton accepts a letter from his killer and holding over 200 puzzles, different mini-games, and offline play clinch. It’s undoubtedly the number third game in the sequences and also a little bit expensive. However, in the last few months, the game has announced the achievement of Level-5.

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

 One-punch man is another famous game of 2020 and this game is free of cost. It is an inert mode playing card gathering game with whatever mobile RPG components. The game characteristics a diversity of game genres, together with a tale mode, net PvP, an Ultimate Test mode, and several refreshed more mini-games. Yet, the initial promise is the first-rate gauche. You gather heroes via cards and upgrade them to be extra capable. Undoubtedly, that game is a little slower than the maximum for free playmates and the steam process is a little bit obstructive.

Outsider: After Life

Lastly, This game costs only $3.99 to purchase that game has many puzzle components. Players evolve different puzzles as they reveal recent plans of the story. The game has a safely retro experience but on a pleasant path. There are several puzzles and the game tools are quite easy to play. The mere true downside is the obscure indications for puzzles. It’s not a lengthy game so don’t hope to play this one for an unaccomplished amount of time. Conclusion: Android games are a mode of media that is oft attached to negative health series. Yet, when android games are performed in mortification and along with mindfulness, they are a lasting creation of tension remission together with a catalyst for sound mental health uplift and betterment of convivial abilities. In the young generation of the modern world, Android games are used to spend their leisure time and it becomes popular all over the world.


The Play Store and App Store have a huge number of Android games. Every day, the Play Store adds several games on average. So it may be a bit difficult for you to track the record of the latest upcoming Android games. So, we’ve just covered a few games here. I hope you will get some better knowledge from here.


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