Impact of Climate Change in 2019

Climate Change

A new UN report has warned that climate is rapidly changing so that hundred of scientists around the world are trying to find the most widespread impacts of climate change. Earth has been getting hotter since the last nineteen years.

A research institution that analyzes global economic and environmental trends and finding that in 2018 carbon dioxide emissions in the United States rose 3.4%. Great masses of ice that scientists once presumed were largely immune to melting are losing ample ice into the sea. The consequences of a globally-disrupted climate are many and it’s hard to keep track.

A new survey that conducted in November 2018 by the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute and the research organization is found that nearly half of Americans said today’s climate science “is more convincing than five years ago, with extreme weather driving their views.”


Australia Wildfires Rage On Amid Effort To Save Koalas, Kangaroos


In the north and south poles, the melting of the “third pole,” known as the Hindu Kush Himalaya region. Spreading over 2,000 miles across eight nations (from Afghanistan to Myanmar), these mountainous lands are home to the third-largest stores of ice on the planet but over a third of the ice will vanish by the century’s end.

The most recent news in Australia, the heat has already been breaking all records. On 18th December, temperatures rose to a national average of 40.9°C because of climate change and more than fourteen hundred homes have been destroyed and five hundred million animals have died. Scientists have been predicting this extreme weather for years and also they are warning that bush fires will become more frequent as climate change. So now it is important to be more cautious about our climate.


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